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Oakridge-Westfir Together

Oakridge-Westfir Together is a recently reformed group supporting youth services in Oakridge & Westfir, Oregon

Catrina Davis, Treasurer


Uptown Business Revitalization Association is a newly formed group to improve uptown Oakridge, Oregon.

PO Box 839
Oakridge, OR 97463
Steve Saxon, Secretary/Treasurer
George Custer, President


LIEAP (Low Income Energy Assistance Program)

P O Box 677
47494 Hwy 58 (Oakridge Real Estate)
Oakridge, OR 97463
Contact -Lavelle Smith
782-3590 – LIEAP calls
782-3590 – (FAX # also)

Salmon Creek Community Garden

Salmon Creek Community Garden is a 2 acre parcel on beautiful Salmon Creek. The garden is divided into permanent infrastructure and personal plots.

Summer meeting time each Saturday at 10 am.
Located on the West bank of Salmon Creek, 1/8 mile North of Hwy 58 in Oakridge. To find it using roads: go North on Hills St from 58, bend right on Hills as it turns East at Salmon Creek Park. Turn right into the parking area and head for the creek. Turn right again (south) and walk downstream 1/8 mi until you see a round sign at the entrance!

Contact: Danielle Bowerman
PO Box 630
Oakridge, OR 97463
email: blueberryeater@yahoo.com

Oakridge Food Box

Oakridge Food Box is a nonprofit organization funded by grants and donations. The organization provides food boxes for the homeless and others in need.

Contact: Madeline Duncan
Mon through Thur 9-2pm
Located at Willamette Activity Center
47674 School St.
PO Box 677
Oakridge, OR 97463

Oakridge Treasures Thrift Store

Oakridge Treasures Thrift Store provides clothing, household, and emergency needs at very affordable prices.

Contact: Debbie Barrow
Mon, Tue, Wed. 9-12p.m.
Located at Willamette Activity Center
47674 School St.
PO Box 677
Oakridge, OR 97463